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10 Posts From 2019 That Preview 2020 Trends

Dec 31, 2019 6:00:00 AM By Katie McCaskey


These ten 2019 posts at All Day DevOps forecast the trends to come in 2020.

5 Ways Your Organization Benefits from DevOps

DevOps still isn't entirely mainstream. Early DevOps adopters can share this article with peers to help explain the value of DevOps to the C-suite.

Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Patrick Debois (@patrickdebois) is the founder of DevOpsDays, another conference to support the growing DevOps movement. He does not know the future, but he sees patterns. He shares some of those patterns in this post.

Everything from All Day DevOps 2019

This post holds session recaps from our annual event, the 24-hour All Day DevOps conference. Remember: you can also watch every single session for free at On Demand

DevSecOps Journey in DoD Enterprise

2019 was the year more governmental organizations adopted a DevOps (or DevSecOps) approach to development. Here, a look at the DevSecOps transformation at the U.S. Department of Defense. 

Damming a 97 Year Old Waterfall: Transforming to DevOps at State Farm

2019 was also the year that established, legacy businesses began to share stories of their shift to DevOps. Here, State Farm Insurance walks through the necessary steps.

What is a Business Logic Flaw Vulnerability?

Chetan Conikee shared a popular seven-part series of case studies on the site this year. Get started with the business logic flaw case study.

DevSecOps and Chaos Engineering: Knowing the Unknown

Aaron Rinehart (@aaronrinehart) dove into what chaos engineering is, why you need it, and how you can implement it in your organization in 2020 and beyond.

Examining Three DevOps Frameworks

This year, Ember DeBoer gave us an in-depth review of three common DevOps frameworks: Three Ways, CALMS, and Accelerate.

ZeroTrustOps: Securing at Scale

Sylvia Franczak reviews the term “zero trust”. And what does “zero trust” even mean? Sylvia summarizes Wendy Nather's (@WendyNather) 2019 All Day DevOps presentation.

Zap in 10: Active Scanning

A part of our Zap in 10 series, this episode demonstrates the continued popularity of OWASP. Follow the series by signing up here. 

A big thank you to the All Day DevOps community for your contributions this year. See you in 2020!

Photo by Kace Rodriguez