DevSecOps Reference Architectures

20 real-world reference architectures designed by leading companies and individuals around the world. DevSecOps pipelines include: Sonatype Nexus, HP Fortify, SonarQube, Jenkins, Twistlock, Aqua, OWASP Zap, Find Bugs, etc. Courtesy: Sonatype.

7 Ways to Drive Your DevOps Transformation

From nimble startups to large enterprises, organizations in all industries are adopting DevOps practices to gain a lasting business advantage over their competitors. Courtesy: CloudBees.

How Not to Get Lost in Outer Space

As you scale to create an enterprise DevOps process that works effectively across hundreds of applications and thousands of people, you’ll inevitably discover that things don’t work the same way they did back on the developer’s laptop with a single team or a single environment. Courtesy: XebiaLabs.

State of DevOps: Market Segmentation Report

Go beyond the high-level insights from the 2017 State of DevOps Report and dig into segmented trends that best relate to your company’s DevOps progression. See insights by region, company size, industry, infrastructure size, and more. Courtesy: Puppet.

Start Your Network Programmability Journey

Jumpstart your network programmability journey with 6-module expert-led video course. Each lesson includes API and code samples you can use to follow along with the videos. Courtesy: Cisco DevNet

Starting and Scaling DevOps

Sharing his pioneering insight on how organizations transform their software development and delivery processes, Gary Gruver provides a tactical framework to implement DevOps principles in his best-selling book.  Courtesy: GitLab.

10 Things to Get Right for DevSecOps

10 Things to Get Right for DevSecOps. Read this Gartner research paper to learn why information security must adapt to development processes and tools, not the other way around.  Courtesy: Sonatype.

The DevOps 100

A hand-picked list of 100 exceptional writers, speakers, and leaders who can teach you a great deal about DevOps. It's organized into sub-topics: DevOps, cloud, containers, serverless, monitoring, agile, and testing.  Courtesy: TechBeacon.