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Workshop Series: Build an AWS VPC Using Infrastructure as Code

Sep 24, 2019 9:00:00 AM By Katie McCaskey


Editor's Note: This is the second video in a five part series by Mohamed Labouardy (@mlabouardy) showing how to build a simple DevOps pipeline, including built-in security at each stage. This series originally ran on the community site DevSecOpsDays. It is shared here in anticipation of the next All Day DevOps conference, a free, 24-hour event November 6.

In this episode, Mohamed uses Terraform to create a system for building Infrastructure as Code.


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All code is shown in this workshop, including the final output of the project. Resources for this phase of the project are available in a Github repository, Build a CI/CD for Microservices and Serverless Functions in AWS.

An essential part of this project is the involvement of the people implementing the solutions. We encourage you to ask questions, make suggestions, and give feedback. 

photo: Marcus Christensen