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It's party time! How to watch ADDO with friends and colleagues

Oct 25, 2023 7:49:51 AM By Steve Poole

How to Host an ADDO Viewing Party


Are you looking for a unique and engaging way to bring your team together for a day of learning and inspiration? Consider hosting a viewing party for your company at All Day DevOps (ADDO), the world's largest DevOps conference.


Why Host an ADDO Viewing Party?


Team Building: Hosting an ADDO viewing party is an excellent opportunity to strengthen team bonds. Gather your colleagues, whether they work in development, operations, security, or elsewhere, and enjoy the event together. It's a chance for cross-functional teams to connect and collaborate.


Shared Learning: DevOps is a field that impacts various aspects of your organization. By watching ADDO sessions together, your team can collectively learn about the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in DevOps, making it easier to implement changes and improvements within your company.


Inspiration and Motivation: ADDO features sessions led by experts and practitioners who share their experiences and insights. Watching these sessions as a team can be highly motivating and inspire new ideas and approaches in your work.


Networking Opportunities: Even if your team is physically located in one place, ADDO provides opportunities for virtual networking and interaction. Your team can participate in live Q&A sessions and join discussions in the ADDO Slack channels, connecting with other professionals from around the world.


Here’s how to get started! 


Select a Date and Time: Choose a date and time that works best for your team. Since ADDO runs for 24 hours, you can select sessions that align with your team's schedule and interests.


Choose Your Sessions: Review the ADDO agenda and select sessions that are most relevant to your team's goals and challenges. With six tracks to choose from, there's a wealth of content to explore.


Set Up a Viewing Space: Find a comfortable and conducive space within your office or virtually where your team can watch the sessions. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection and adequate screen and audio equipment.


Provide Refreshments: Create a pleasant viewing experience by offering snacks and refreshments. It's a great way to make the event feel special and enjoyable.


Encourage Discussion: After each session or during breaks, encourage your team to discuss what they've learned and how it can be applied to your company's projects and processes.


Join the ADDO Community: Make sure your team is connected to the ADDO community by participating in live Q&A sessions and engaging in discussions on Slack.


Follow Up: After the event, follow up with your team to gather feedback and discuss any action items or takeaways from the sessions. Use this opportunity to plan how you can implement new strategies or improvements based on what you've learned.


Hosting a viewing party for your company at All Day DevOps is a fantastic way to foster a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and innovation within your organization. Join us for a day of inspiration and transformation in the world of DevOps!