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All Day DevOps: It's Hard to Tell the Players without a Scorecard

Aug 8, 2017 12:26:12 PM By Mark Miller

ADDO  Speakers 01.png

Last week, we started the process of announcing the 96 speakers and 4 keynotes for All Day DevOps on October 24. It's going to be difficult to keep up if you don't have a scorecard, so here are a few tips.

  1. Follow @AllDayDevOps on Twitter. We're doing daily updates, so it will be the easiest way to find out who was announced that day
  2. There is an All Day DevOps Facebook page where we are posting Facebook live announcements and doing 30 second clips of people telling why they are excited about All Day DevOps.
  3. Our LinkedIn Page will be displaying the most recent updates to the speaker roster
  4. Register for the conference, even if you won't have time to attend. This will give you full access to all the recordings after the event is completed. You'll also be the first to receive an announcement when the schedule for the day is published.

There you have it... four ways to keep track as we crank up for what's promising to be an exciting, 24 hour DevOps event. Thanks for joining with us.

Here are the first 40 speakers we announced. 50 more on the way.

ADDO  Speakers 01.png

ADDO Speakers 02.png

ADDO Speakers 03.png

ADDO Speakers - 04.png