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200 Hours to go

Oct 18, 2023 4:23:03 AM By Steve Poole


We're rapidly approaching All Day DevOps 2023.

Are you ready?



24 hours of nonstop education from 180 speakers across 6 tracks. Six world-renowned keynote speakers and thousands of viewers.  Get ready to be part of the largest virtual DevOps conference in the world. 


What else can you expect?  

To be clear, it's not all DevOps. There's a lot for developers, too. 

In fact, we've got a wide range of topics that will interest you, whether you're a developer, a DevOps novice, an IT Professional, a manager, an executive, a student. No matter your role or where you're at in the DevOps process, there is free content caffeinated for you by Sonatype.


Insightful Content

No product pitches here -- we're all about the community. Track organizers like Peco Karayanev have worked hard on our behalf to evaluate all the submissions to ADDO and select the best for you. The word map gives you a sense of the range of topics. Shown are the relative occurrences of the top 50 keywords. As you can see, AllDayDevOps is not just about DevOps :-) AI or artificial intelligence is making waves and appearing on the map for the first time.

A Worldwide Community

Being a 24 hour live conference means there's always someone else watching when you do. Why not reach out to your friends and colleagues and have a watch party? We've got new speakers from all around the globe -- red means new speakers!

Amazing Speakers


Being a speaker at ADDO is a great way to get into public speaking, and we have our fair share of new speakers. We don't specifically ask those who submit to ADDO if this is their first time speaking, but we do ask if it’s their first time for ADDO. Getting new speakers on the roster shows how important ADDO is to the community. This year the number of new speakers has increased by 2%!


Around the Globe

Another way to look at our speakers is to analyze the timezones they are speaking from. Not everyone will be in their home country. Using UTC as a guide, here’s the spread of speakers around the globe in a radial bar chart.

Fantastic Shoes

We don't want to be accused of collecting data for no reason, so be assured that this last take on our speakers' physical attributes is in a good cause. Yes, it really is speaker shoe size.