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Session Name: Platform Engineering for Large Organizations: A Fun and Easy Guide

Consider this homework assignment: A large organization working exclusively on-premises and beginning to migrate to the cloud.
If you give each team its own project to manage , and each developer using their preferred tools and languages - how many devops will you need to manage this jungle ?

Platform engineering is about the methods, tooling and principles behind a structured and clearly less painful move to the cloud.
Let's talk about how to manage this transformation from an on premise organization to a happy cloud-native workloads running team,
Including but not only: developer's flow bliss, everyone is a product manager, tooling, GitOps for the win, and more.

Speaker Bio:

Yonit Gruber-Hazani is a highly experienced and accomplished DevOps engineer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. She has a proven track record of success in managing and leading teams, designing and implementing DevOps solutions, and managing complex infrastructures in both startups and large organizations.
In her current role as a Customer Engineer at Google Public Sector, Yonit is facilitating Public Sector organizations through their digital transformation process.