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Session Name: API Testing with BDD Unleashed: Driving Collaboration and Quality in Software Development

API testing is crucial for delivering high-quality software that meets user needs. In this session, experienced engineering leader Vani will share his experience in the significance of API testing, and its impact on collaboration, communication, and feedback within software development teams are explored. Vanji delves into various testing approaches, emphasizing the benefits of incorporating Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) principles into API testing. BDD provides a structured framework for collaboration, even among non-technical stakeholders. Descriptive language and scenario-based specifications create a shared understanding of requirements, reducing misunderstandings and enhancing software quality. The session highlights how BDD can seamlessly integrate into CI/CD pipelines. By incorporating BDD principles into API testing, teams enhance the CI/CD process. Automating API testing within the pipeline provides early feedback on correctness and functionality, minimizing the risk of introducing bugs and regressions. Attendees gain an overview of tools and frameworks for API testing, empowering them to make informed decisions. Selecting suitable solutions streamlines the API testing process, improving development cycle efficiency. Moreover, the session provides practical insights into effective strategies for debugging and troubleshooting API-related issues. Attendees learn to identify and rectify problems efficiently, ensuring seamless API functioning.

Speaker Bio:

Vanji is a Senior Manager - Software Architecture and Engineering at a Fortune 500 company and a committer for the Apache Synapse Project. He spearheads a team of engineers to design and develop an API and Developer Experience. He is also a veteran in the integration space and contributed to many open-source projects in the industry.