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Session Name: From GitFlow to Continuous Deployment - Our Journey

Evolving beyond CI/CD requires dedication and intent. Our quest to expand from continuous delivery to continuous deployment, where every passing merge goes directly to production, was not without its challenges. However, the benefits of streamlining our processes—eliminating release overhead, obtaining faster feedback from customers, reducing risk with smaller changes—compelled us to embark on this path of continuous improvement. Join Tracy Powell, head of engineering at Mentorloop, as she shares our journey, the hurdles we encountered, and practical tips to enhance your deployment processes and chart your own course toward continuous deployment. Topics covered include strengthening your testing strategy, adapting processes to align with the new approach, and automating all the things. This session aims to provide you with a clear understanding of the advantages of continuous deployment and actionable insights to implement within your team. Walk away with newfound inspiration and ideas to drive your organization forward on the path to continuous deployment.

Speaker Bio:

Tracy Bongiorno is an experienced engineering leader passionate about building high-performing teams and creating enjoyable, intuitive software. With over 15 years of experience scaling engineering teams and products, she focuses on team culture, customer experience, continuous improvement, and automation. Tracy's expertise lies in team building, optimizing software delivery, and leveraging innovative technologies. Her commitment to collaborative and inclusive tech communities drives positive change and inspires innovation.