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Tracy Bannon

Tracy Bannon


Session Name: Government Dev*Ops – Is it really different?

Attendees will walk away understanding the differences, unique challenges, and context of public/defense sector Dev*Ops. This #StraightTalk is needed to help build shared understanding to drive tailoring and problem solving needed to serve governments. Using the phrase “snowflake or sameness”, this sessions cover a series of topics highlighting both the parallels and the clear divergence between government and commercial/industry. Let's do a better job help government, academia, and industry to work together. Topics include thirst for innovation, problem space (greenfield/brownfield), government’s traditional role as oversight only, workforce nuances, Conway’s law is everywhere, etc. Sprinkled throughout are direct experience stories.



Speaker Bio:

Tracy Bannon is a Senior Principal - Software Architect and DevOps Advisor with the MITRE Corporation having worked across commercial, state and federal government clients. She's been doing this for a long time and spends her time solving the biggest, complex, and strategic challenges facing her sponsors. She is a passionate architect and her specialty is solution and application architecture emphasizing cloud native/for-cloud refactoring, API architecture, DataOps/xOps, and DevSecOps. Understanding complex problem space and working collaboratively to deliver mission and business value at the speed of relevance is job one!