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Session Name: #NoHobbyists: Building A Shared Cybersecurity Culture

Cybersecurity has traditionally been regarded as a function of a distinct security group. In reality, security and cyber resilient software are the responsibility of everyone in the organization. There is a well-intended call to "shift security left" but no one knows how! Instead, organizations are depending on developers to become cyber-savvy on their own. Cyber security cannot depend on Hobbyists! Attendees will learn about why to *not* shift left and how to build a new security culture using gamification and team-based threat modeling. Attendees will be introduced to the importance of a secure software development framework (SSDF) and walk away with tips, tricks, and tools for moving away from security hobbyists to having experienced pros.



Speaker Bio:

Passionate Architect!!! Tracy (Trac) Bannon is a Senior Principal in MITRE Corporation’s Advanced Software Innovation Center. She is an accomplished software architect, engineer, and DevSecOps advisor having worked across commercial and government clients. She is a passionate architect and her specialty emphasizes cloud native, decoupled architectures, DataOps/xOps, and DevSecOps. Understanding complex problems and working to deliver mission/business value at the speed of relevance is job one! Trac loves mentoring and training her teams, clients, and the next generation of technologists. Trac shared her experiences as a featured speaker and panel moderator at industry events, with universities, and in working groups.