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Session Name: Codified Manifestation of an Agile Release Train - Enabling CI/CD for Highly Regulated Environments

In DevOps the definition of awesome is “you build it, you run it”, unfortunately, this is not always possible. In such cases, we want to minimize any resulting barriers between development and operations. DevOps principles, tools, and technologies can be applied to do just that. Highly Regulated / Restricted Environments (HRE) pose particular challenges to a DevOps way of working. HRE environments have features such as air-gapped systems, heightened access controls, strict segregation of duties and separation of concerns, and restrictions around the sharing of system artifacts and content. This session will cover how DevOps principles and tools can be applied to create a codified manifestation of an Agile Release Train, facilitating the development, testing (Continuous Integration), and deployment (Continuous Delivery) of the work output from multiple component development squads to multiple Cloud-based HRE environments. These deployments are being done in a manner compliant with all the varying regulatory, legal, security, and regional requirements.The codified Release Train permits teams to deploy faster and more often facilitating automated testing, fast failure, amplified feedback loops, secure deployments, enhanced credential management, change management workflows, improved error logs & reporting, and audit trails. In addition, it boosted the efficiency of the component squads by making work visible and facilitating a culture of experimentation.


Speaker Bio:

Tom is currently a Distinguished Engineer working in a DevOps enablement role. He has experience in a variety of sectors including factory automation, supply chain & logistics, lecturing, eLearning & training, and finance where he has performed a variety of roles from software development to technical management. Currently, Tom is helping teams to transform how they work to a DevOps model in support of product-aligned value streams. Tom has helped incorporate the learnings from these coaching engagements in open-sourced DevOps & Product Engineering Dojos thus facilitating the scaled adaption of the associated culture, practices, and tools across organizations.