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Session Name: Unlocking Organizational Potential by the Power of Inner Sourcing

This session will delve into the establishment an inner sourcing culture highlighting key principles and strategies which can be applied in any organization regardless of size.

Companies are increasingly recognizing the need to unlock the intellectual potential within their organization. To accomplish this, they are embracing the principles of open source and applying them internally, a practice known as 'inner sourcing.' Inner sourcing aims to yield several key benefits, including cost reduction, accelerated development cycles, streamlined testing and deployment processes, enhanced innovation, improved collaboration, and better adherence to regulatory requirements.

Establishing an effective inner sourcing culture involves more than just selecting and utilizing the right tools, technologies, and processes. It requires a fundamental shift in the organizational culture.

This session will cover how organizations can cultivate a culture of inner sourcing, supported by an 'Everything as Code' mindset. It will discuss the goals of inner sourcing programs, the tools, technologies, team topologies & platforms which can be employed, the processes which need to be defined, the need for executive sponsorship, investment and the selection of champions and coaches to guide the effort. It will propose an incremental approach to take to scale an inner sourcing initiative across an organization via pilot projects and selected value streams. It will discuss the benefits of open sourcing any internal tools developed which contribute to the success of a program in effect completing the “circle of code”.


Speaker Bio:

Tom currently a Distinguished Engineer working in a DevOps enablement role in the Innovation and Automation group in DXC Technology. He has experience of a variety of sectors including factory automation, supply chain & logistics, lecturing, eLearning & training and finance where he has performed a variety of roles from software development to technical management. Currently Tom is helping teams in DXC to transform how they work to a DevOps model in support of product aligned value streams. Tom has helped incorporate the learnings from these coaching engagements in to DXC’s DevOps & Product Engineering Dojos thus facilitating the scaled adaption of the associated culture, practices and tools across DXC.