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Session Name: Security Automation and the Developer Experience

Software developers today are responsible for many activities beyond the creation of applications that provide value to their stakeholders and end users. The need for automation to build and deploy software components in a secure manor, the integration of tools and services into this automation, and the resulting evidence needed to prove security and compliance require a dedicated effort to create, enhance and maintain. Developers are forced to constantly switch contexts as they move from tool to tool analyzing data and remediating issues that impact their productivity. The IBM CIO organization has recognized this issue and is taking steps to improve the experience for our developers. In this session, we will cover how we are listening to the needs of our developers, the steps we are taking to provide common automation, and the experience we are building to help our developers be productive while the landscape of cybersecurity threats continues to evolve around them.


Speaker Bio:

Thomas Lawless is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) for IBM. He is responsible for the IBM CIO's common CI / CD platform and Developer Experience. He is passionate about building healthy engineering cultures in large engineering organizations.