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Session Name: Beyond the Hype: Operationalizing AI for Business Success

AI and machine learning aren't just buzzwords—they're tools for driving real business results. This talk will demystify the process of implementing AI solutions powered by advanced models like GPT-4, emphasizing the importance of alignment with business objectives and data readiness.

Speaker Bio:

Theo, with a background in both technology and business, has evolved from a product manager to a software architect, specializing in Analytics and Line of Business solutions. His expertise encompasses crafting high-caliber apps and analytics solutions, with a unique ability to balance intricate details with broader strategies. As an advocate for collaborative software architecture, Theo's leadership fosters innovation and collective wisdom. With specialties in Data, Analytics, and AI solutions, he remains at the forefront of technological advancements. Committed to shaping the future, Theo aims to ensure companies are pioneers in the evolving technological landscape.