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Session Name: Shifting Gears to Observability to Enhance SRE Practices

Over the years of doing Consulting and Coaching organizations in building a SRE Capability, we have found that the shift to observability makes a leap change to enhance SRE practices and deliver business value. In this presentation, we would focus on a pragmatic approach to shift from Monitoring to Observability, leverage Open Telemetry in order to enable auto instrumentation and also address cultural shifts in ensuring sustainable business value.

Speaker Bio:

Suresh GP, M-Tech is currently the Founder & Managing Director of TaUB Solutions. He has more than 22 Years of IT experience and specialised in ITSM, DevOps and SRE. Suresh as a Principal Consultant does Consulting, Training, Simulations and Implementation services for DevOps and SRE to Fortune 2000 organisation. Suresh is the Co-Author if the SRE practitioner and Observability Foundation Course. He is also the Global Ambassador of the DevOps Institute. He is a regular blogger and speaker in National & International Forums like itSMF, DevOps Institute, All day DevOps. He was awarded itSMF Contributor Award by itSMF Singapore in 2013 and 4 BRM Excellence Awards at BRM Connect 2017.