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Spyridon Maniotis

Spyridon Maniotis

Danske Bank

Session Name: Patterns & Anti-Pattenrs when adoption SRE. Stories from the financial services industry

This session aims to present patterns and anti-patterns when adopting SRE practices in corporations; supported by real case studies/examples from the financial services industry. Core to SRE adoption elements such as operating model, tenets, process engineering, skillset, technological capabilities/tactics, reconciliation with DevOps and ITSM, and mechanisms such as "error budget" & "egagement models" will be outlined. All in relation with an "adoption at relevance". Concluding the session, a set of proven best practices will be presented, along with key considerations to be taken when adopting, sustaining and scaling.



Speaker Bio:

Spyridon has 10 plus years of experience in different roles within IT, both from the industry but also consulting. His expertise is primarily on DevOps transformations in the financial services industry, looking at capability enablement and adoption from a 360° degrees perspective. Currently, he is leading Danske Bank's DevSecOps Center of Excellence and Enterprise DevSevOps Evolution. His favorite DevOps concept is Site Reliability Engineering and he has both in his current and past positions, experimented with various adoption patterns. His main belief around SRE is inspired by Google's quote "SRE is not yet another concept. It is science, it is engineering!"