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Session Name: Designing a 360° DevOps Operating Model for Financial Services

In recent years the global financial services ecosystem has been expanding and industrializing rapidly. This expansion and industrialization have generated challenges and opportunities for large incumbent banks. DevOps practices are perceived by the industry as competition and cooperation mean. How can DevOps practices enable green field or composable banking? Can the deployment of SRE practices improve reliability and compliance for new banking services? Is the utilization of public cloud capabilities becoming a time-to-market differentiator? Can DevOps practices support the enablement of a multi-speed bank? Is banking regulatory compliance a DevOps showstopper or enabler? Are licenses to continuously deliver an approach that banks consider? Those questions among others, we will answer using real industry DevOps adoption stories from Nordic, British, French, and Swiss large financial services institutions.

Speaker Bio:

Spyridon is an experienced DevOps professional based in London. In recent years, his career has focused on working with enterprise DevOps transformations and evolutions in the financial services industry. His financial services DevOps experience includes Nordic, British and French incumbent banks, as well as European payments and pension fund corporations. Spyridon has worked for more than 12 years with financial services technology, among others at Nordea Bank, Danske Bank, Deloitte Consulting, Capco and Ericsson; serving also in several leadership positions.