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Session Name: Platform Engineering to the Rescue: Did DevOps Fail?

Platform engineering has taken our industry by storm since last year, which is distressing many organizations on the DevOps journey. They wonder if the paradigms have changed once more and if they should discard their efforts and jump on the next thing. In this session, we delve into what we have learned from speaking to hundreds of customers about their DevOps adoption and where they see platform engineering fitting into their existing initiatives.

During this talk, we will explore:
- Why DevOps adoption has stalled in most organizations
- What platform engineering entails for teams already on a DevOps path
- How to avoid repeating failure with platform engineering
- The platform engineering blueprint and technology landscape

Speaker Bio:

Siamak is a Product Manager at Red Hat with a passion for cloud-native technologies focusing on continuous delivery, serverless, and service mesh for building and delivering modern applications on Kubernetes and OpenShift.