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Session Name: Container Images as Witchcraft

A long long time ago in the early days of DevOps and containers, everyone liked building their own container images. They would take a foundation of Ubuntu, throw some packages into the pot, season with configuration, add a touch of security, and stir the layers slowly until a container image appears. It felt special, it felt powerful, it felt like a craft, like witchcraft! Sometimes those container images were great - secured, lightweight, and elegant - but most of the time they were unsecured monstrosities that were hard to maintain. A few years later we understand that imperative instructions, security rules, language, and framework constraints are not fun. It takes time and effort to build container images manually and the value is very limited. It’s time for container image creation to evolve into something modern. Introducing (it’s been here for a while) Cloud Native build packs: a great way to build your container images, fast, securely, and effortlessly in a way that feels like true magic. Why reinvent the wheel when Buildpacks supports dozens of programming languages and frameworks with their best practices? In this session, I will talk about why, and more importantly, show HOW you can use build packs to build container images. We will learn through real-life examples what can be done out of the box and how you can brew your own potion when needed.

Speaker Bio:

9 Years of experience in the worlds and Cloud and Automation. Currently, Scott leads the Cloud technologies and Automation fields at TeraSky and is one of the lead Architects for Kubernetes projects. Scott has vast experience with both legacy data centers as well as cutting-edge Public Cloud technologies and specializes in bridging the gap for customers and easing their transition to the new digital transformation era.