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Session Name: Whiteboard to Motherboard - Eureka Moments

Designing conceptual workflows are a pre-requisite of any breakthrough transformation. The last decade has witnessed few marvelous use cases of DevOps turning to Dev'X'Ops wherein we have evolutionary integrated the integral components of security, testing etc. to achieve continuous everything model. However as we grow & march ahead to become more autonomous in the near future to come with AIOps, MLOps etc. how did we land into the gates of transformation? Theoretically most of the designs & their desired outcomes look attractive, but landing them into reality & sometimes in the process of that having a breakthrough is not often seen. These Eureka moments are what we need to analyze & understand how was it landed into by some known & a lot of known teams/influencers.

We will have a look at:
- The Radical models of transformation achieved without initial intent
- Necessity is the mother of transformation, sometimes breakthroughs as well
- The Efficiency Curve validation, moving solutions will experimentation
- Case Studies of few championed solutions

Speaker Bio:

Santanoo is a seasoned technology expert currently working as a Delivery Manager for a major European SI. Having delivered numerous transformations for clients across multiple industries (banking, energy, utilities, healthcare & retail) around the globe, he preaches what actually works! He’s a regular industry speaker at global, and regional events, DevOps Institute India Chapter Lead (managing a community of 950+ devops practitioners), frequent blogger & an aspirational author. He has also co-authored a leading survey on New Ways of Working jointly with Xellentro Consulting Group & Techstrong Group. He is also a Global Ambassador of DevOps Institute & CD Foundation.