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Santanoo Bhattacharjee

Santanoo Bhattacharjee


Session Name: Evolving DevOps Leveraging Delta-4

As Delta 4 theory evaluates the UBP (Unique Bragworthy Proposition) rather than focusing on USP - This is something all implementation approaches should be evaluated against.

With the current generation of engineers having a low tolerance for things not good enough to be proud of, this indeed is a key factor to keep them motivated to actually "build" things they should be proud of.

Anything we develop, any evolutions we make, be it on the automation side, on the tooling side or on the cultural side - If we aren't proud of what we are building & don't consider it "bragworthy" we eventually will end up building a inferior product.

In this session, I will talk about how we can evaluate our DevOps transformation & make everyone (whoever is/was/will be a part of it) proudly brag about WHAT they have resolved, WHY they thought this is a UBP transformation & HOW have they done it.



Speaker Bio:

Santanoo, a techie by choice and evolutionist by passion. A seasoned technology solutions expert bringing over a decade of experience in ideating and managing operations of public, managed, hybrid cloud implementations, greenfield DevOps Solutions & driving excellence within digital transformational solutions. Having delivered numerous seminars, corporate workshops to engineering leaders around the globe, he is a part of transformational think-tank groups elevating the perception of driving digital transformation ground-up.

He is a frequent speaker on various Summits, a jury member of few transformational awards & enjoys interacting with change agents driving organic transformations within organizations.

Santanoo works as a Senior SME for ATC - Accenture India He is also a DevOps Institute Ambassador from Bangalore, India.
He also co-leads the DevOps Institute - India Chapter.