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Session Name: Better, Faster, Stronger: How Global Acceleration of OS Development is Changing Ecosystems for Good

The last decade was coined a “pre-Cambrian explosion” for open source: ecosystem contribution models were still rapidly evolving to support a booming global community of developers both engaging in and relying on, open source projects.
As we move into a new era of Open Source, we’re observing an exponential increase in the rate of OS project releases. This is both a technical and cultural change: a combination of tooling, automation, and a growing awareness of the next generation cybersecurity in open source all play a role in this acceleration. As these globalized developer communities continue to build new and valuable features, automated analysis of best-choice versioning is essential to keeping pace with the open-source supply chain.
In this talk you’ll learn the best practices for automating the decision-making release versions for OS projects, and why a simple SBOM can help you to measure, predict and avoid bleeding edge supply chain security attacks.

Speaker Bio:

Sal is passionate about helping engineers, ethical hackers and digital enthusiasts understand the complexity of modern software development. With over a decade of experience in building cloud-native machine learning pipelines in the healthcare and tech for good sectors, their work is now focused on filling the cracks in the open source software supply chain. By day, you'll find Sal working with site reliability engineers, DevOps, and cybersecurity specialists to implement best tools and practices to remove toil from developer workflows. By night, you'll find Sal mentoring the next generation of engineers in cloud computing from around the globe, helping them to make the world a better place through the clever use of math.