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Session Name: Leveraging Workflow Orchestrators for DevOps Automation

The session provides a comprehensive understanding of how workflow orchestrators aid in automating, coordinating, and simplifying complex processes involved in CI/CD. From managing state, ensuring resilience, to conducting monitoring tasks, you'll learn how these orchestrators effectively bolster efficiency while reducing the likelihood of errors. We will further delve into various types of workflow orchestrators currently in use, offering a comparative analysis that will guide participants in selecting the appropriate tool to cater to their specific needs. In the constantly evolving landscape of DevOps, understanding the function and impact of workflow orchestrators in CI/CD processes is critical. Whether you're a seasoned DevOps professional or just starting your journey, this session will offer valuable insights and practical knowledge to help you harness the power of workflow orchestrators and significantly improve your CI/CD operations.

Speaker Bio:

Sai Pragna Etikyala is working as a Technical Lead at Twilio, where she leads the engineering team responsible for A2P compliance. This role has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of compliance, telecommunications, application-to-person messaging, and industry regulations. Before joining Twilio, I worked at Amazon Web Services, Yahoo, and Cerner. Her time at these companies has provided me with valuable exposure to various facets of software development, cloud computing, and healthcare IT solutions, ultimately shaping her technical expertise and leadership abilities.