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Rupesh Kumar

Rupesh Kumar


Session Name: Don't break silos instead bridge them

The IRS is a behemoth of an organization with 70k+ employees spanning across teams of teams, each with its own unique agenda. Dev wants to build features. Security and Test want to validate for security and quality. Ops wants operational excellence and autonomy. Come learn how the IRS developed an innovative award-winning solution called the “CICD Template Framework” to bridge these silos. Our solution keeps organizational accountability and autonomy and allows seemingly siloed organizations to take an active part in the Enterprise CICD Pipeline, creating net positive synergy.

Speaker Bio:

Rupesh Kumar has more than 20 years of Information Technology (IT) experience, including 10 years applying Agile development principles and practices on major federal government software development projects, and 12 years of managing Enterprise level DevOps initiatives in federal and commercial sector. He has led mission-critical, strategic projects in the telecommunications, financial services, and IT consulting industries, including planning complex custom software solutions that align business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage, and bottom-line gains. He is currently working with US Federal agency to provide Agile and DevOps subject matter expertise to develop processes and provide hands-on technical support in building enterprise wide Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery CI/CD pipeline.