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Session Name: Hybrid Cloud, Continuous Compliance, & the Developer Experience

The IBM CIO is a large, complex, globally distributed organization on a journey of modernization and DevSecOps transformation centered around our Enterprise Platform. The IBM CIO’s Enterprise Platform is comprised of a hybrid cloud implementation combining the best of IBM platforms, including IBM zSystems, IBM Power, and Red Hat virtualization, spanning both public and private cloud, encompassing on-perm and software as a service vendor solutions. Running thousands of mission critical business services for IBM, driving compliance in an automated and efficient way across the platform is vital to ensure the security and continuity of our business and the productivity of our Enterprise IT developers. During this session, we will outline the strategy our organization is executing to bring continuous compliance to the CI / CD automation our organization uses to deliver Enterprise IT tools and services to IBM across all the components of our Enterprise Platform using Policy as Code combined with data collection, analysis, and the developer experience.

Speaker Bio:

IBM Fellow, CIO DevSecOps CTO. Rosalind is responsible for driving the Developer Experience and providing the right tools for the DevOps transformation for the IBM CIO organization. In her role she will be working to make IBM CIO's a hybrid cloud showcase and driving the continuous improvement culture within the developer community. In her prior role she was responsible for bringing open modern toolchains to the z/OS platform and working with clients on their DevOps transformation. In her new role she will take those experiences to continue the transformation within IBM. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, master inventor, a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, author of Enterprise Bug Busting.