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Session Name: Practical Use of Generative AI for DevOps Work

Feeling the pressure to churn out scripts faster? Curious whether Generative AI will help or hurt your organization? This presentation directly addresses your concerns and provides practical insights on harnessing LLMs to serve as expert advisors instead of just script generators. We'll share real-world examples and lessons demonstrating the pitfalls of misuse and effective strategies to harness LLMs, turning the pressure of rapid code production into power for better DevOps outcomes. Learn how to foster collaboration, deepen system understanding, and reduce technical debt - all while making your work much more effective.

Speaker Bio:

Do you keep wondering why building automation is so hard and even harder to share as a community? That really bugs Rob too! He has been creating software to collaboratively automate infrastructure for over 20 years. His latest startup, RackN, focuses on providing team-focus IaC automation and abstraction layers for provisioning Cloud, Edge and Enterprise data centers. He is also building a forward looking operator community at the2030.cloud with weekly DevOps and future hallway-type discussions.