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Rob Hirschfeld

Rob Hirschfeld

Rack N

Session Name: Boost your JQ IQ [JSON parsing utility

Tired of parsing JSON? Get over it. But at least you can be using the JQ command line utility to make it a little easier! Except, JQ can be a bear to use effectively.

In this presentation, we'll review tips and tricks to make you an effective JQ guru. Even more importantly, we'll show you where the sharp edges are and help you avoid common pitfalls.

Speaker Bio:

Rob Hirschfeld is CEO and co-founder of RackN. He's also the co-host of the Edge focused L8istSh9y.com (aka Latest Shiny) Podcast. With over 15+ years of cloud and physical infrastructure automation experience, he brings a unique technology and process perspective to Edge, Infrastructure Automation, DevOps and SRE fields. He is also the co-founder of Digital Rebar which focuses on underlay open collaborative automation for physical infrastructure.