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Session Name: Breaking Barriers: Emerging Technologies as Catalysts for Equity in Tech

You log on to Twitter - I mean X, and roll your eyes. Not another hype train. It’s true that not every product needs containers, or AI, or decentralization. But, what if we could shift our perspective and strategically harness these tools to not only elevate the developer experience but also to foster equity in the tech industry?

In this talk, we will delve into the dual potential of these technologies. First, we'll explore how they enhance developer productivity, making our work more efficient and accessible. Then, we'll shift our focus towards a higher purpose – how we can utilize these emerging technologies to make a lasting impact on marginalized communities.

This talk isn't just about tech; it's a call to action, redefining our commitment to diversity and belonging in the tech world.

Join Rizel as we learn how our industry can build upon new and old technologies to drive impactful change for DEI.

Speaker Bio:

Rizel Scarlett is a Staff Developer Advocate at TBD, Block's newest business unit. With a diverse background spanning GitHub, startups, and non-profit organizations, Rizel has cultivated a passion for utilizing emerging technologies to champion equity within the tech industry. She moonlights as an Advisor at G{Code} House, an organization aimed at teaching women of color and non-binary people of color to code. Rizel believes in leveraging vulnerability, honesty, and kindness as means to educate early-career developers.