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Renato Losio

Renato Losio


Session Name: Watch Your Wallet! Cloud anti-patterns that make your AWS bill skyrocket

Should you really always run your cluster in multiple availability zones? How can a transition rule to Glacier double your storage costs? I want to monitor and understand my data transfer costs, where should I start? Why are backups eating my database budget? What, one more storage class on S3? Following so-called “best practices” works only when you fully understand the implications, costs included. We will address a few cloud anti-patterns, making your bill smaller and your deployment better.



Speaker Bio:

Renato Losio is a cloud architect with a strong focus on AWS technologies, data storage and relational databases. A speaker at many international events, an AWS Data Hero, holds different AWS certifications. Based in Berlin, working for a company in the Silicon Valley. Strong experience working remotely and with distributed teams. Renato is an InfoQ editor where he share the latest news for cloud related topics and a remote work enthusiast.