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Session Name: Culture Club: Building a Strong Engineering Culture from the Ground Up

Every company is essentially a software company in today's digital world. However, building and delivering great software is not enough to ensure success. To truly thrive in the world of software, companies must embrace an engineering culture that goes beyond technical solutions and touches upon the deeper causes of organizational success. In this session, we'll explore the 8 pillars of an engineering culture and show you how to build and nurture one that drives business success. From state of the art software and smooth delivery, to appropriate continuity and the power of platforms, we'll cover the key elements that make up an engineering culture. We'll also delve into the importance of an empowering operating model, moving beyond traditional IT, and leadership in building a successful engineering culture. Join me in this session and learn how to build and nurture an engineering culture that drives business success!

Speaker Bio:

As CTO of Xpirit Netherlands, Rene helps organizations and leadership teams build an engineering culture that allows them to build, deliver, and operate software in a secure and compliant way. With a focus on both the technical and cultural aspects of a company, Rene helps clients transform their work processes, operating model, and culture to become high-speed, innovative, and productive.