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Session Name: Predicting Production Outages: Unleashing the Power of Micro-Metrics

Step into the future of application performance monitoring as we unveil the game-changing potential of micro-metrics. In this enlightening session, we'll explore why traditional macro-metrics fall short in predicting performance problems and how to overcome this limitation. Discover the key micro-metrics that serve as powerful lead indicators, enabling you to forecast application performance with remarkable accuracy. Unleash the ability to detect and mitigate potential outages several minutes, even hours, before they impact your operations.


Speaker Bio:

Ram is the founder of the popular JVM DevOps tools GCeasy, fastThread, HeapHero, yCrash. Every single day millions & millions of people in North America travel, bank and do commerce using the applications that Ram Lakshmanan has architected. He has developed one of the world’s largest banking applications which is used by 1 in 3 USA households. He has designed a B2B travel application which processes 70% of North America’s Leisure travel bookings. Ram advice startups, Fortune 500 enterprises, Governmental organizations on their critical technology initiatives.