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Session Name: Create a High-impact Software Bill of Materials With Low Effort

Key takeaway: Security teams and/or security-focused teams will find a way to create SBOMs with little-to-no effort.

In this talk, I will demonstrate a software build process that will provide a detailed SBOM as part of the container image build process. The workflow outlined in the talk/demo will showcase a means to improve the security posture of container images in many ways - but the focus will lie on the SBOMs.

The Cloud Native Buildpacks (buildpacks.io) specification addresses a key area of software security, namely the Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs).



Speaker Bio:

Ram Iyengar is an engineer by practice and an educator at heart. He was (cf) pushed into technology evangelism along his journey as a developer and hasn’t looked back since! He enjoys helping engineering teams around the world discover new and creative ways to work. He is a proponent of community-first product development.