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Session Name: Introduction to Metrics Based Platform

Metrics Based Platform to deliver rapid and reliable changes to production and reduce the risk from making changes at production environment. Canary Analysis is an essential part of any production deployment pipeline. As part of Yahoo, we have many properties like Yahoo Homepage, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, etc. that serve a large number of users. It is crucial to introduce changes in a consistently safe manner to minimize user impact minutes. At Yahoo, we are running Spinnaker Kayenta in a Kubernetes Deployment and have integrated it with Screwdriver, an open source build platform for continuous delivery. We have extended Kayenta to support Splunk and an OpenTSDB based internal metrics service. We also built tools to facilitate easy onboarding for applications and designed a configuration syntax based on the Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL) for running canary analysis. A deployment of Nike’s Referee tool is also set up to allow on-demand canary analysis. In this talk, we’ll share how we adopted, implemented and extended Spinnaker Kayenta to perform automated canary analysis in the Screwdriver CD solution.

Speaker Bio:

Prashi Doval is working as Engineer at Yahoo(Finance) to design scalable and extensible systems & improve existing workflows, leading the development of Metrics Based Promotion tool. She has been contributing to opensource through Google Code In at Google TensorFlow and Major League Hacking. She is a GHCI '2020 scholar & GHC Student application reviewer. She has gained skills from communities like DiversifyTech & Women Who Code. She can be found in tennis lessons & Spanish class.