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Session Name: AI in DevOps: A Match Made in Cloud

The introduction of Generative AI in the DevOps landscape holds the promise of transforming software development and deployment practices, empowering teams to be more efficient, innovative, and agile. By harnessing the potential of Generative AI responsibly and collaboratively, organizations can stay at the forefront of technological advancements and deliver high-quality software products in an ever-evolving digital era. In our talk, we would demystify the possible but limitless use-cases where AI can transform the DevOps landscape. These use-cases would cover the major pillars of DevOps - culture, collaboration, security, automation, and monitoring. We would also highlight the role of Generative AI in the realm of DevOps, focusing on its potential to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and elevate the overall software development lifecycle. The future of DevOps harnessing DevOps in its all stages would revolutionize the accelerated delivery, efficiency, seamless processes and time to market for the enterprises, which would also boost their confidence in going live. Moreover, we would also delve into the shortcomings of "AI-volutionizing DevOps " highlighting areas where caution and vigilance are essential. Lastly, we would draw a conclusion as to how the shortcomings can be addressed by adopting a balanced approach, combining responsible AI development practices, meticulous data curation, and stringent testing methodologies.

Speaker Bio:

Peeyush has 12+ years of experience in DevOps toolchains & multiple cloud technologies, He has experience in designing & architecting new solutions & leveraging them withing client environments. He is working as a part for DevOps COE. He is keen to leaning new technologies & implementing them within the current & upcoming solutions.