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Session Name: Build the Culture of Observability Today!

Observability is not just a buzzword. But if we don not build it into the culture of our work, it becomes "fancy monitoring" only. What we, as leaders, drivers of the Organizations, should do to explore and use full power of Observability? Let's find out! The key takeaway from this session is a switch of focus. We tend to see Observability as a new, fancy monitoring. It is more than that. What we need in our organizations to achieve this shift? We will talk how deep and how early Observability must be incorporated in our SDLC, how we need to switch our thinking process and system design process. What skills do we need? And finally, what stops us to understand and implement Observability, not just as a toolset, but as a integral part of processes and SDLC? You will find answers to all these questions in this session!

Speaker Bio:

DevOps Institute Ambassador. CD.Foundation Ambassador. AWS Community Builder. Engineer, leader, mentor, speaker. My focus is on CALMS. I am building better understanding of DevOps as driver for the organization. I am devoted to Serverless and CI/CD. I authored the framework for design the CI/CD. Host of Last Week In IT and DevOps In Agile Way podcasts.