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Pawel Piwosz

Pawel Piwosz

EPAM Systems

Session Name: Test Your Infrastructure!

We are testing everything. We are so devoted to test that we even invented “DevTestOps”. And then… Yes… What about our Infrastructure as a Code templates? How many times did you run your template again and again, fix issues, run again, fix issues… This is very common, we all have to admit it. But no worries! Let me show you how CloudFormation templates can be tested; how to be sure that code committed to the repository will be properly prepared and ready to execute!

Speaker Bio:

I have computers around me for very long time. My first contact was when I was less than 10 years old, so it gives more than 30 years. Professionally I am involved in IT industry for over 20 years. I used to work for big companies, and small startups. Currently I am working at Epam as Lead Systems Engineer, and helping the organization to grow DevOps practices. Also, I am leading the **DevOps Community Poland** and I am a member of **BIRD** (Be In Real DevOps) movement. I strongly believe in "DevOps in Agile way", there is no real DevOps practices without Agile. My main focus these days is self development. I am devoted to containers, clouds, serverless, CI/CD, automation tools and monitoring, and I am helping people to understand DevOps.