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Session Name: Three Things That Each Developer Should Know to Help Secure Your Code Base

The cost of cybercrime is increasing at a staggering rate, poised to almost equal US GDP by 2027. Cybercrime syndicates are becoming more and more professional with really elaborate scams to get your data and money. One of the latest trends in the weaponisation of open-source and the poisoning of real repositories to infect real software.

In order to ensure a safer ecosystem and that our supply chain is protected, we can take advantage of the latest developments:

SBOM - for transparency for both our dependencies and dependents
Reproducible Builds - for having the mechanisms to double-check the builds we use
SigStore - the new development in terms of signing builds.
During the current presentation, we will give an update related to the state of the threats, especially with the latest development related to the war in Ukraine. In the second part, we will dive into the solutions provided by each of the mentioned points and how they fit into the picture of hardening the supply chain.

Based on real-world examples, focused on automation and alerts at scale.

Tools like Syft, Bomber and Grype will be used

Speaker Bio:

Olimpiu is a technology executive, who balances his tech savviness with a focus on people and their wellbeing. A constant explorer of new technology trends, he enjoys digesting and spreading knowledge through podcasts or written articles. He strongly believes in the power of communities and open source, getting involved in technical community building and curating content for conferences as a program committee.

You can follow him on LinkedIn and @olimpiupop for ramblings on technology, cybersecurity and classical music.

You can find content curated or written by him on JavaAdvent and InfoQ. For the daily dose of cybersecurity and open source 505updates.com.