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Session Name: Fostering the 3 Es of Highly Effective Teams: Engagement, Execution & Excellence

Everyone is talking about 10x developers and how we derive more value from our engineers, however craftsmanship and excellence is something that is fostered and not just a value to be exploited by mega-corporations. In this talk I’ll walk through good practices that have worked for me on my engineering leadership journey to cultivate elite and highly effective ICs and teams––that can be summed up in an easy to remember mnemonic of the 3Es - Engagement, Execution and Excellence. We will break down each one of these pillars into what comprises them practically - from the communication, individualization, and collaboration, through the rituals you need to cultivate and adhere to, good practices for breaking down work, and even how to ensure great quality consistently to truly derive excellence and pride in ownership. Come to this talk and perhaps you will gain some perspective on how to improve the engineering culture alongside delivery in your organization.

Speaker Bio:

Neta is the Head of Engineering at Slim.AI, bringing to the role more than 20 years of software experience across industries, and more than 15 years of engineering leadership, managing teams in both startups and larger organizations. She comes with a strong background in data and software, as well security and privacy, and has a track-record building engineering teams that excel in execution and delivery, while maintaining dev happiness and experience. She also brings experience on the business side of engineering, with a strong focus on product-led growth and adoption, knowing how to bridge the engineering to business divide across the organization.