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Session Name: From DevOps to DevSecOps

Traditional security cannot keep pace with DevOps’s lightning-fast software development cycles. Organizations need to inject continuous security and automated testing throughout the software development process to improve security. Secure DevOps—that is, DevSecOps—is about making security central to development and operations. Building security into every stage of the software pipeline fills long-standing gaps between IT and Security. DevSecOps approach helps spot software security issues faster and alleviates security bottlenecks. And, it preserves the rapid development pace that DevOps makes possible. This session measures enterprises’ DevSecOps framework, activities, plans, challenges, and processes.



Speaker Bio:

Najib is Global DevOps Ambassador and is committed to helping organizationsNajib is Global DevOps Ambassador and is committed to helping organizations struggling with DevOps/DevSecOps transformation & adoption. Najib Radzuan applies his vast experience and, comprehensive DevOps/DevSecOps toolchains together with targeted training and labs to create actionable and comprehensive DevOps/DevSecOps transformation roadmaps and strategic plans.