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Najib Radzuan

Najib Radzuan

DevOps4Me Global

Session Name: Why Your DevOps Culture Transformation Failed?

Today, fewer people talk about DevOps's culture and people. The move to DevOps involves a review of the systems, technology, responsibilities, culture and even behaviors to ensure teams can work together effectively for a shared goal, but one person must be a leader and lead the effort. Your organization's management style has a direct influence on how organizations respond to these significant changes, so if you genuinely strive to streamline all dimensions of your organization with DevOps, you must upgrade the way your DevOps team's culture and mindset. So, this talk will elaborate on how strong DevOps culture and people are to measure the success of DevOps transformation in an organization. This talk also will highlight the common challenges in DevOps transformation and how you can solve it, which you may refer to my article in the medium platform, https://shorturl.at/knvx0.



Speaker Bio:

Najib Radzuan is a specialist/expert at DevOps Adoption and practices of Continuous Integration (CI), Test Automation, and Continuous Deployment/Delivery (CD) methodologies to DevOps transformations. Najib Radzuan applies his vast experience and, comprehensive DevOps/DevSecOps toolchains together with targeted training and labs to create actionable and comprehensive DevOps transformation roadmaps and strategic plans. Najib Radzuan’s education includes Electrical engineering, multiple Cloud certifications and numerous certifications from the DevOps Institute.