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Session Name: Defending Against Prompt Kiddies and ChatGPT: Mitigating the Risks of Malware in Open Source Ecosystems

As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to advance, prompt kiddies are leveraging these new tools to create sophisticated malware in Open Source ecosystems for cyber attacks. This talk will explore the potential risks and methods behind AI-powered attacks, including ChatGPT and copycat attacks, and examine the unique challenges posed by Open Source environments. We will discuss the importance of implementing robust security measures, such as proactive threat detection using AI, arming developers with security policies, and scalable gates, to mitigate these threats. Additionally, we will examine the need for a collaborative effort between government, academia, and industry to address these emerging threats and safeguard against prompt kiddies leveraging AI. Join us to learn how to defend against this new generation of hackers and protect against AI-powered cyber attacks in Open Source ecosystems.

Speaker Bio:

Mitun Zavery - Vice President of Solution Architecture International at Sonatype. Mitun has a wealth of experience in Secure Software Supply Chain architecture, development and management spanning 18 years in the software industry. Mitun currently works with global enterprise organisations, where he helps protect their software, products and brand by identifying and remediating risks that can cause unrecoverable damage by using vulnerable software components entering their software supply chain.