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Session Name: Can Cybersecurity and DevOps Collaborate to Achieve DevSecOps in a Cloud-Native World?

DevSecOps unifies development, security, and operations. Yet, security teams feel excluded from automating deployments, unlike advancing DevOps. This divide hampers collaboration, especially amid cloud-native adoption. Can cybersecurity catch up and align with DevOps? This session tackles current automation challenges in cybersecurity, particularly its integration with DevOps. It showcases security tools' role in DevSecOps pipelines, automating routine tasks like pre-deployment security scans for Kubernetes, evaluating CIS K8s benchmarks on cloud-based Kubernetes, and real-world DevSecOps pipeline remediation. Despite cybersecurity's growth, the DevOps-cybersecurity gap widens. Swift DevSecOps implementation can foster unified, collaborative cloud-native security.

Session overview:
- DevSecOps introductionCybersecurity-DevOps collaboration
- Contemporary security challenges in cloud-native enterprises Automating cloud-native security in DevSecOps
- Real-world Cloud-Native DevSecOps pipeline demos

Speaker Bio:

Mike Fraser is currently VP of & Field CTO of DevSecOps at Sophos after his startup Refactr was acquired; at Refactr he was co-founder, CEO and chief architect. Mike started his career in the US Air Force working on F-15 fighter jets weapon systems and later as a cybersecurity engineer. While on active duty, Mike started his first company when he was 19 years old; a retail computer repair store. Mike has since founded multiple tech companies and is a regular speaker at numerous industry events, including Hashiconf, KubeSec, RedHat AnsibleFest, DevOps Days, and All Day DevOps. Mike earned a bachelor's degree in application development from North Seattle College and has a master's degree in computer science from Seattle University.