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Session Name: Fantastic Features: The Secrets of Cloud-Native Data Management

Every single one of us has encountered data in our everyday life as a consumer and most likely in our professional roles in IT. The spoiler alert is a large majority of that data doesn't matter and if lost will not cause any issues however some of that data is going to be so important, without it there is no need to keep the lights on! In this session, we will walk through some of the areas specifically to Cloud-Native that we have to consider when it comes to hosting, serving and protecting our data so that the above bad scenario does not happen or at least when it does we can get back up and running as fast as possible. Specifically, we will focus on Kubernetes and data management in any Kubernetes distribution and then we will specifically look at the data services available within Kubernetes and how Application Consistency is still very much needed here as it was in Physical, Virtual and Cloud-based environments.

Speaker Bio:

Meet Michael, a UK-based community-first technologist for Kasten by Veeam Software. With 16+ years of experience, he focuses on cloud-native, automation & data management. Michael acts as a technical thought leader, community champion, and project owner. He empowers influencers and customers, speaking at events to share his vision and shape Kasten's future success.