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Session Name: 4 Pillars of Successful Agile Test Automation

"After experiencing a lot of technical and social challenges in various projects, I have wrapped a list of solutions to most common testing pitfalls and golden rules to successfully manage a test project.

Common problems:
* How can we ensure to stick to the correct mindset even under stress?
* While trying lots of approaches, how can we optimize the best way?
* Test Reliability & Test Smells
* Efficiency

4 fundamental solutions: Agility, Monitoring, Automation & robustness and Team spirit!

After this talk, Attendees will be able to:
- Know our 4 golden milestones for successful agile testing: Being truly agile, Managing and improving internal processes, building a Good Automation Framework and Improving efficiency
- Realize the importance of test coverage and see how it affects defects coming from production
- Realize the effect of test suites on sprint planning and execution effort
- Have some insights about increasing efficiency
- Utilize automation not only in implementation, but also in Executions, Reporting and other phases
- Analyze bugs by gaining some lessons-learned from them



Speaker Bio:

Mesut has BSc and MSc degrees from Bogazici University Electrical & Electronics Engineering. He worked in Defense Industry for 7 years and managed the testing activities in a multinational project. He has a proficiency in CMMI and PMP with a broad range of experiences under his belt.

After that, he worked for Siemens A.G in system testing team for 4 years. He had the technical lead position in Istanbul QA office where he managed 18 people and represented the site in the global organization. He took the responsibility for V&V activities for a cloud-based open IoT platform containing lots of microservices and acted as a Product Owner.