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Session Name: Plan for Unplanned Work: Game Days with Chaos Engineering

How do you plan for unplanned incidents? You practice with Chaos Engineering. Strong incident response doesn't just happen, you have to build the skills and train your team. Practicing for major incidents gives your team insight into how your applications will behave when something goes wrong as well as how the team will interact to solve problems. Combining your Incident Response practices with Chaos Engineering roots your response practice in real-world scenarios, helping your team build confidence.



Speaker Bio:

Mandi Walls is a DevOps Advocate on the Community and Advocacy Team at PagerDuty. Before joining PagerDuty, Mandi spent a number of years at Chef Software, working with customers and community members in the US and Europe. Originally a large-scale systems administrator, Mandi has focused on IT automation; organizational culture and change; and community.