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Session Name: Introducing Kubernetes Security Maturity Model

In this talk, Madhu Akula will introduce a framework around Kubernetes Security Maturity Model to showcase how we can adapt and improve Kubernetes security at various layers and levels. We will try to showcase some examples of how we can achieve these using tools, technologies, processes, and others. In this talk, we will showcase some example patterns from the real world and map back to the industry frameworks like MITRE, NSA Hardening Guidelines, CIS Benchmarks, Compliance standards, etc.

Speaker Bio:

Madhu Akula is a pragmatic security leader and created multiple open-source projects such as Kubernetes Goat, Hacker Container & tldr.run. Madhu is a frequent speaker & trainer at various events & conferences, including DEFCON, Black Hat, SANS, USENIX, OWASP, Nullcon, All Day DevOps, DevSecCon, and more across the globe. Identified 200+ vulnerabilities in products like Google, Microsoft, AT&T, NTOP, Adobe, WordPress, GitLab, etc. Published author of "Security Automation with Ansible2" & technical reviewer for books & conferences. Actively contributes to communities such as All Day DevOps, null, AWS, OWASP, etc. Serves as an advisor to startups, offering guidance on crafting exceptional products, fostering communities, and delivering value.