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Session Name: It's Time for CI/CD 2.0

CI/CD tools moving from click-ops to pipeline as code, but they still lack true collaboration and self-service!They are monolithic and one “persona” is responsible for it. If this persona is devops, he/she becomes a bottleneck.Scaling to hundreds of microservices will challenge even the biggest teams. If a dev is responsible for the pipeline, it overwhelms devs with security, deployment practices and infrastructure details. Imagine building blocks as parts of the CI/CD.Those blocks are given to Dev,Ops, and Security teams to build their own structures.Dev build the software and tests. Security build code/image scans. Ops will focus deployment. Platform engineers take those smaller structures and combine them into a stable and tall tower, the supply chain, and offer it as a self-serivce for developers. Cartographer turns this into a reality.I'll demonstrate how to break ci/cd pipeline into blocks and combine them into a supply chain allowing separation of responsibilities in CI/CD.

Speaker Bio:

I am a Linux sysadmin that woke up one morning to a world of DevOps. I was lucky to be part of small companies that grew to a huge scale through insane outages. Those outages took my sleep but awarded me with experience. Today I am Hashicorp Ambassador, Israel Hashicorp User Group co-organizer, DevOpsDays Tel Aviv co-organizer and CTO at cloud and devops consulting company.