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Session Name: Realigning DevOps: Customers and Learning First

So, you've become "DevOps"? After years of transformative journey, you now proudly wear the DevOps badge. But what's next? Your customers are less interested in your operational label (they likely don't care) and more invested in how your products enhance their lives.

Surprisingly, the true essence of DevOps often gets misunderstood. Common misconceptions include:
- A team of developers doing operations - we are DevOps!
- A Dev team deploying continuously to production - we are DevOps!
- An Ops and Dev team working harmoniously - we are DevOps!
- A Dev team with no QA support, responsible for all tests ...
- An operations team doing software development ...

These statements, while not entirely incorrect, miss painting the full DevOps picture. They prompt the question: for whom are these cultural, process, and tool changes being made? Where do your customers fit into this narrative? How are these transformations affecting them? Most importantly, what insights are you gaining about your customers through this process? In this session, we will pivot DevOps to its true north - the customer. We'll delve into practical methods of integrating customer feedback into your DevOps practices, promoting swift learning, and ensuring your DevOps transformation elevates not only internal efficiency but also customer satisfaction. Real-world examples will help illuminate actionable insights, providing you with a blueprint for a more effective, customer-centric approach to DevOps.

Speaker Bio:

Kishore Jalleda, a distinguished SRE leader with over fifteen years of experience at renowned companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Zynga, and IMVU, has embarked on an exciting new journey as a full-time coder and product developer. With unwavering dedication to his life-long pursuit of becoming a software engineer, Kishore dreams of the day he can proudly bear the title. Drawing from his extensive background, Kishore has chosen incident management as his initial area of focus. He is committed to delivering innovative, proactive, and streamlined solutions that effectively address the complex challenges organizations face when managing incidents.