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Session Name: Distanced by Pandemic, United by Goal - Team Building Online

In this session, I will share my journey of forming and leading a fully remote team of 10+ engineers who were located in various cities across India and Southeast Asia. This session will capture various challenges I faced and how they were solved in doing every activity online right from recruitment to onboarding to team building. This will be my guidebook to Goal Driven Team Building. This project started just a few months before the pandemic locked us all down in our homes. I had just started this new client project with a Fintech startup that wanted to have a strong SRE team. Suddenly every aspect of DevOps was challenged, from sitting together to being locked across cities. This was the time when the only thing that mattered was if they are willing and available online to work. Today I feel proud to have completed that project successfully by making the team self-reliant enough to manage an entirely digital bank infra online. In my talk, I will share glimpses, memories, and learnings from this amazing journey that I had so it can help many other startups who are in dilemma to choose between online and offline modes of working.



Speaker Bio:

I help customers in a variety of domains like Banking & Financials, Insurance, E-Commerce, and Retail achieve continuous delivery of quality products and services with faster, consistent, and reliable release cycles and reduced time to Market. I have been an active practitioner of infrastructure development and DevOps disciples and through my analysis, discovery, and quality engineering I help organizations transform traditional IT into a DevOps-driven lifecycle by forming cross-functional poly-skilled teams.