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Kamalika Majumder


Kamalika Majumder


I help customers in a variety of domains like Banking & Financials, Insurance, E-Commerce, and Retail achieve continuous delivery of quality products and services with faster, consistent and reliable release cycles and reduced time to Market. I have been an active practitioner of infrastructure development and DevOps disciples and through my analysis, discovery and quality engineering I help organizations transform traditional IT to a DevOps driven lifecycle by forming cross-functional poly-skilled teams.

Session: Anatomy of a Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Every business has two major objectives : Release Fast and Consistency and Reliability of Releases. And the need of the hour is to be able to be able to release to production at any time and this holds the entire concept of Continuous Delivery or CD. In this session I am going to demonstrate how one can build a Continuous Delivery pipeline for their application life cycle management and share the story of building a one stop solution for Continuous Delivery Process for some of my clients. This will include examples from some of my real life client projects who have undergone or are in process of Digital transformation from traditional IT to DevOps and will also talk about how we tacked some of the challenges in building the process especially for industries like Banking and Insurance.