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Session Name: A Bank on Cloud

This session is based on one of my real life projects of designing and developing a DevOps driven modern infrastructure for a fully cloud-native digital banking application. And the story goes like this: An Indonesia based banking company wanted to build a fully digital mobile banking application that would help them to become a strong tech-based bank embedded in Indonesia’s digital ecosystem. They wanted to design and develop a modern infrastructure that was highly performant, technically advanced, cost optimised and security compliant.The goal was to build a fully automated secure, scalable and sustainable cloud native infrastructure for this tech-based life-centric finance and banking application. In this session I will share about the challenges I faced as a DevOps/SRE/Cloud lead, the initiatives taken and most importantly lessons learnt in building a completely cloud-native digital banking infrastructure.

Speaker Bio:

I help customers in a variety of domains like Banking & Financials, Insurance, E-Commerce, and Retail achieve continuous delivery of quality products and services with faster, consistent and reliable release cycles and reduced time to Market. I have been an active practitioner of infrastructure development and DevOps disciples and through my analysis, discovery and quality engineering I help organizations transform traditional IT to a DevOps driven lifecycle by forming cross-functional poly-skilled teams.