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Kamalika Majumder

Kamalika Majumder


Session Name: Effective FinOps for  Modern Infrastructure

In this session, I will present a standard FinOps model for optimized cloud budgeting. Every Organization has a budget limit, no matter how big or small they are, no one maintains unlimited funds, and most often lack of proper FinOps leads to overspilling Opex or under utilized monoliths, either ways creating bottlenecks for business scale and performance. Throughout my talk, I will share how to create a well balanced budget for Cloud inline with scale, performance, development and delivery needs. I will also share my budgeting model that I use while prepping for any cloud migration.



Speaker Bio:

I help customers in a variety of domains like Banking & Financials, Insurance, E-Commerce, and Retail achieve continuous delivery of quality products and services with faster, consistent and reliable release cycles and reduced time to Market. I have been an active practitioner of infrastructure development and DevOps disciples and through my analysis, discovery and quality engineering I help organizations transform traditional IT to a DevOps driven lifecycle by forming cross-functional poly-skilled teams.