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Session Name: Overlay: Browser Extension Helping Developers Avoid Risky Open Source

Overlay is a browser extension that helps developers evaluate open source packages before picking them. It gathers data from various sources, such as Snyk Advisor, Debricked, Socket.dev, and Deps.dev, and displays them on the package pages of popular registries like npm, PyPI, and Go.


Speaker Bio:

In 2020, I co-founded Dustico (acquired by Checkmarx), a software supply chain security company. Since then, I have been working with my team to identify and prevent software supply chain attackers, ensuring the safety of the ecosystem. I have a passion for startups and have had the opportunity to be involved with several, including Dustico (as a co-founder), Zero Networks (as a co-founder), and CyberX (as the first employee). I love to contribute code to open-source and answer questions, ranked in the top 1% on Stack Overflow.