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Session Name: Evolution of Security Strategies in K8s Environments

In the latest versions of K8s there has been an evolution regarding the definition of security strategies at the level of access policies to the cluster by users and developers. The security contexts allow you to define the configurations at the level of access control and privileges for a pod or container in a simple way using keywords in the configuration files. To facilitate the implementation of these security strategies throughout the cluster, new strategies have emerged such as the Pod Security Policy (PSP) where the cluster administrator is in charge of defining these policies at the cluster level with the aim that developers can follow these policies. Other interesting projects include Open Policy Agent (OPA) as the main cloud-native authorization policy agent for creating policies and managing user permissions for access to applications.

The objective of this talk is to present the evolution that has occurred in security strategies and how we could use them together, as well as analyze their behavior in accessing resources. Among the points to be discussed we can highlight:

1.Introduction to security strategies in K8s environments
2.Pod Security Admission(PSA) vs Open Policy Agent(OPA)
3. Combination of different security strategies together
4. Access to resources in privileged and non-privileged mode

Speaker Bio:

I’m a Software Engineer really focused on new technologies, open source, security and testing.My career has been focused from the beginning to specialize in python and java languages and security testing projects.In recent years I'm interesting in security development, especially on mobile applications. At this moment I am security tester engineer and my functions in the project are analysis and testing the security of applications.