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Session Name: PR'ing like a PR Pro

Whether you’re contributing to an open source project or running a project with a team - no matter the size - pull requests are a fantastic method of collaborating on a feature. Having worked inside development teams, lead development teams, contributed to open source and been a maintainer of a large open source repository, I’ve been on all sides of the humble PR. Taking lessons from all of these, we’ll look at the soft skills required when submitting and reviewing a pull request as well as the technical configuration of branch rules and automations and how these might apply to your projects.


Speaker Bio:

Joe is a senior .NET developer and lover of adventure. During working hours he’s an Umbraco Certified Master and MVP who's been working with Umbraco in various digital agencies for the past decade, but is an adventure-loving outdoorsman in his free time and can often be seen out hiking or canoeing with his dog, Carter.