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Session Name: Taming the Beast of Software Releases

Releasing software is hard. Did you package the right version? How did you arrive at a version number? Did you remember to write the release notes? Did you deploy it to the right location, with the right configuration? What if you could do a release in minutes instead of hours and know that every step on your release check list was properly completed? I spent over 15 years as a leader on a large commercial open source project struggling with this very problem. With dozens of contributors and over 1million lines of code, part of my role was to make sure that our releases went out on time and didn't miss any steps. In this session I will share with you the development processes and tools I use to automate every aspect of the release and ensure that releases on my current projects run smoothly. We'll look at examples in Node and .Net, using GitHub to assist where needed, and walk through putting some of these principles into action.

Speaker Bio:

Joe is a technology leader with a wide array of experience as a business leader, product manager, and software architect. He has held various engineering, technology and product leadership roles throughout his career, including his present position as the Director of Consulting at Improving.

Before Improving, Joe co-founded DNN Corp and served as its VP of Technology. He was a key architect and early leader on the DotNetNuke (DNN) project. His contributions significantly contributed to DNN's quick ascendancy as one of the largest OSS projects in the Windows ecosystem and the top Content Management System (CMS) on Windows.

He continues to refine his technology skills by mentoring young developers, product managers and technologists.