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Session Name: The Hitchhiker's Guide to DevOps in Government: A Cosmic Expedition

Join me for a truly interstellar escapade as we voyage through the perplexing realm where government policy meets the zany universe of DevOps. I'll be your guide on this eccentric journey, revealing the uncanny pros and cons that arise when these two worlds collide. Prepare to embark on a mind-bending odyssey through the galaxy of benefits, from warp-speed deployments to newfound team unity. But don't panic! We'll also navigate the wormholes of challenges, including the enigmatic dance between security and freedom, the ancient legacy systems time-warps that seem to defy the laws of time and a tango with compliance regulators.

Learning Goal: Set your course for a better understanding of the cosmic dance between DevOps and government intricacies. As you hitchhike through this session, you'll gather insights and wisdom to navigate the nebulous waters of cultural shifts, security quasars, and compliance black holes. Don’t forget your survival towel!

Speaker Bio:

Sr Project Manager with over 15 years professional experience in project management, strategic consultancy and information technologies. Recently specialising in operation security and infrastructure architecture.