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Session Name: Docker Tools for Developers

Once we get started developing with containers, the basics are easy: create a Dockerfile, build the image, push it to our repository. Nothing but sunny days and paved roads ahead, right? Anyone that has had to fight with containers knows there are a lot of painful tasks around the edges. Searching repositories, examining existing images, optimizing, watching performance, and the development cycle itself can all be more challenging than they look at first glance. But we aren’t the first people to need help dealing with the container ecosystem, and some of those that have gone before us have left us with tools to help. Join Gene as he reviews a handful of useful open-source tools that can make your container development life easier. You won’t be an expert by the time you leave, but hopefully, you’ll leave with a list of tools that can help solve some of the problems you’ve already run into. And possibly some others that can keep you clear of some pitfalls in the first place.

Speaker Bio:

Gene Gotimer is a DevSecOps Engineer who loves playing with new tools, focusing on agile processes, securing development practices, and automating everything. Gene feels strongly that repeatability, quality, and security are all strongly intertwined; each depends on the other two, making agile and DevSecOps crucial to software development.