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Session Name: Better Architecture Without Architects

As a developer, have you ever had to implement an architecture thought up by an architect, not in your team? Have you worked in an environment where you needed to propose changes in a CAB? Do you have architects in your organization who don't code? If you answer yes to any of the questions this session is for you! n this session Geert will talk about how DevOps organizations with autonomous teams work faster and build better architecture without the need for enterprise architects or complex processes before decisions are made. Come discuss the future of architecture with us in this session. Architects & Developers are welcome!



Speaker Bio:

Geert is a Lead DevOps Consultant, Cloud architect, and full cycle developer working for Xpirit in the Netherlands. He helps development teams build better software by coaching and helping them hands-on. Geert loves improving teams in all aspects, from software craftsmanship to cloud native architecture and agile practices. He's an expert on Azure, DevOps practices, and cloud native architectures